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Serenifly Costumes blog

Hi everyone!  Thought I'd let you all know that I've finally started updating my Serenifly Costumes site.  I've switched to a different form and it has been really fun for me.  I've decided on a blog form and the website will help organize what is on the blog.  It may seem a bit complicated, but trying to catalog all the costumes used on main characters in a TV show and movie is quite complicated!  :)

Anyhow, I have a twitter set up for fun, so follow me over there for updates!

Thanks everyone!
Kaylee Dress Sparkly
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Kaylee Costume Jumpsuit

I can't remember if I posted this yet or not, so please let me know if you've seen this. I was at Wal-mart and I saw these cheap jumpsuits that could work for a Kaylee costume:

For those that are sewing challenged, this could be something to consider!
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Geek-a-bye Baby -- Geek Baby Boutique

We recently started a Geek Baby Boutique because, well, all babies have the right to be geeky! :D

We have a few Firefly items (and Firefly-inspired items) and can make just about anything, within reason, that your baby would want/need.

We also have our baby Jayne hat:

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Just stumbled in

I can't believe I've just NOW found this community!

I'm an avid Kaylee cosplayer, and I've made several of her outfits including:

- Green teddy bear coveralls w/jacket from the pilot
- Brown coveralls from various episodes
- The Fluffy Layer Cake from Shindig
- Prairie Harpy dress from Out of Gas and The Message

I will try to post pics later, or you can see most of the outfits on my profile (Username CWarfield42)

Stay shiny! <3

Brown Leather Vest

So, I'm going to a comic con with some friends this weekend. (Yes, I totally fail at advance planning.) I'm trying to put together something for Zoe, and the main thing I need to find is a vest. Any ideas where a size 22 woman might find a brown leather vest (that either has brick and mortar stores or ships really fast)? It wouldn't need to be a perfect, or even close to perfect, match to hers. Just enough that if I wear it over a plain brown or red shirt, brown pants, combat or hiking boots and a gun belt, it'll be apparent who I'm supposed to be.